We are a business solution & investment company
Travel all-expense paid, tour around the world and trade on legit online platforms. Live the life you've always wanted - to be financially free and to be in control of your time. With DIVIC Nigeria Ltd, your dreams can become your reality.
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Empowering people with financial Freedom
Join our team and learn the various legitimate and smart ways to make money and earn steady passive income from network marketing and cryptocurrency.
We have partnership with globally recognised platforms like ShynXL, Longrich, FORSAGE BUSD and many more
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We help you design the life you want.
With our array of travels and tour packages, you too can live life on your own terms and spend more time with loved ones.

Travel around the world ALL expense-paid.
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What We Do

forex and cryptocurrency trading

Forex & Cryptocurrency Trading

Alot of people are scared when it comes to investing in forex or crypto trading, we help you discover the best platform that will give you peace of mind. You earn while sleeping.

Small Business & Financial Empowerment

Join our winning team and be ready to change your life and get better results.

We will share with you the real secrets to improving your referrals and downlines through tested and proven marketing strategies you can apply from the comfort of your home.

happy business people

Travels & Tours

Visit every nook and corners of this world courtesy of our company. Most of them are all expense paid trips. 

Hi, I'm Nkechi Obasi

I don’t like it when people don’t get to achieve what they want, it’s usually difficult for people to travel out, Trade online and have fun . That’s what we are here for.

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